“Il favaio” farm

We cultivate all natural products from the Trasimeno area

“Il Favaio” farm was born next to the “Poderaccio Alto” farmhouse with the aim of cultivating the natural products typical of the areas of Lake Trasimeno.

With constancy, dedication and passion, Roberto and Rebecca have dedicated themselves to agriculture and the breeding of some animals that over time have produced delicious results. Take advantage of the kitchen of the Poderaccio Alto farmhouse where the succulent fruits of their owners’ work will be served!

The farm will also contribute to enriching your holiday with charm, making you forget the stressful rhythms of the city environments since you will be immersed in the life and peasant rhythms of this green oasis in the heart of Umbria.

These are just some of the fruits of hard work in the fields of Roberto and Rebecca in the fields!

These are some of the animals of the Il Favaio farm in which everyone collaborates, even their very nice dogs!

These are two of the crops that Roberto and Rebecca are particularly proud of: that of saffron and that of olives from which they derive the precious oil they use in their restaurant!